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Interview With God, Part 2

Conclusion of my interview with God: About Morality: JPT: Could you give us some pointers on how to live? God: I don’t think I’m the best person to ask. You should measure the effects of your actions, whether they’re good or not. And your actions don’t affect me. You will do much better to look at your close environment and ask the people around you, who are affected by your actions. They can tell you if you’re living well or not. JPT: So you don’t care if we live morally or not? God: Let’s say I do care. What difference does that make? Lots of people think they know exactly what I want. Look at how they live. Do you think they are better or worse than people who don’t make that claim?  JPT: But if you made it plain, what you wanted from people . . .  God: I haven’t and I won’t. Give up on that and get on with your life. About Religion: JPT: Forgive me if I try your patience, God, but I must ask some standard human questions, for the sake of my readers. God: I unders

Interview With God, Part 1

Hello everyone,  Thank you for your comments on FaceBook. If you like, please post them here, so more people can participate in discussion.  I recently had a chance of a lifetime to interview God, the creator of our universe. I'd been phoning his people for some time, and he finally agreed to a phone conversation. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see him, but he said it was a bad hair day, so I really wasn't missing anything.  For the record, God has a rich voice, similar to that of the late Laurence Olivier, when he narrated the series World At War . Interview with God About HIM:   JPT: Can you tell me something about yourself? What should every human know about their creator? God: That’s tough. I’d like to tell you something useful, because your life is short and you need all the useful information you can get. The thing is, I’m not sure I can say anything about me that will help.  I’m slowing down here, can you be more specific? JPT: Suppose you were hum