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My son Max is seven years old. He's a normal, average boy in every way, except he's always the tallest in his class. This makes him easy to find, on the playground. In the photo below, you can see the size differential. These boys are all about the same age, but Max is too big to ride in the toy car. My wife Misa makes lunch for Max every day. She puts a lot of love and design into this work. Max is happy most of the time; we're lucky that way. He has a big workload. He goes to public school five days a week, then Japanese school on Saturdays. He must do homework for both schools almost every day.  I do English homework with Max every day in my office / studio. This is often the most difficult time of the day for us, because Max is in no mood for homework. I feel sorry for him, but I must be tough and force him to get it done. Our fights can be quite dramatic, but we haven't missed turning in an assignment in almost two years.  Max likes to make train tracks