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2013 In Review

I always knew I would have to rewrite my life. I just didn’t know how soon I would have to begin doing it. I’ve only finished the first chapter of my novel, but lack of fame resulting from it is already a great concern.  —Kendall Hailey, The Day I Became an Autodidact, and the Advice, Adventures, and Acrimonies that Befell Me Thereafter    2013 was our first full year in Carmel Valley. Hot air balloons flew overhead, and we shared fruit with little friends on the ground.  We have been welcomed by many neighbors, and got together as often as we could. Almost everyone is a parent here, so their schedules are full. Painting Full size Many of you asked about my painting, how it's coming along. I have been working on the same project for several years, a picture of the San Francisco Bay. The most difficult parts of the picture—and perhaps the most interesting to work on—are the water and the sky. I wanted to color these areas