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Modern Icons Chapter 4: September Vogue

Every year I perform a ritual: receiving and absorbing the enormous pillow that is the September issue of Vogue Magazine.  This year's book is more than 700 pages. Every page contains an image of the perfect woman, as imagined by the straight women and gay men of Manhattan Island.  Each picture is a triumph of our collective imagination, soaring above bothersome reality. The women in these photographs lend their bodies to a highly artificial expression of an ideal. They are not human, any more than was the colossal Athena Nike who stood inside the Parthenon.   The goddess above is an apt introduction. She exists in an instant of supreme connivance; every particle of her is bended into a curving, purple flight to heaven. This photograph was staged by an army of artists, who ran off camera the instant before the shutter clicked. They ran back the next instant, to catch the fragile moment before it disintegrated. You cannot look like this. No one does. Even the model does not look