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Escape From Tactical Hell

[looking at the Grand Canyon, you learn] The most important lesson of Darwinism: Weak forces, operating over long periods of time, create large and dramatic change. —Jerry Coyne,  Why Evolution Is True When frustrated, I often think I need a different attitude or more energy in pursuing my goals. This is a mistake. What yields results for me is endurance, planning for the long term. This best course of action is also the most difficult. It's  far too easy, too human, to be  distracted by the present irritations .  Television and the internet feed this short, nervous attention span by setting off emotional firecrackers, describing every momentary event as a cataclysm. Our instinct for self-preservation keeps us glued to the screen, while summer passes away and we get old.    In contrast, consider this story: Directly after Japan's catastrophic defeat in World War II, a group of business executives met to plan the future of their company. John W. Dower  in