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2012 In Review & Film on Matt McGoff

Year-end greetings to each and all. In 2012, life came on thick and fast. I couldn't live it and write about it at the same time.  On Christmas Day, I received notice of a new film about my art school roommate,  Matthew McGoff , who died in 2010. The film was created by my friend  John Thornton . Matthew lived an intense, messy and short life, much like the painter  Amadeo Modigliani .  The film is masterful, John's best work to date. Matthew would have loved it, and this is quite a distinction. Matt was a focused, driven man. Only 2% of life on earth met with his approval. Okay, back to the almost-present. We began at our house in San Francisco, doing the normal stuff. Max built this robot. He wanted it to follow him around the house, so he taped it to an electric car [bottom]. Max's school lunch, a Misa production. Max inside the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington Our big change this year was to try livi