Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here we are, approaching the big holiday of Thanksgiving. 

Holidays. I'm both attracted to them and repelled by them. Thanksgiving delivers a wonderful idea—let's appreciate what we have—and an undertone of accusation: You need to be reminded. You're not grateful enough on your own. You don't really deserve what you have, it's just luck or a gift from God that He plans to take back soon. 

Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe not. Guilt is my general reaction to everything.

So guilty or not, here are some things I like. They keep me going.

Max [right], seen here with his friends, lining up for Kindergarten.

Living close to the ocean. It's a mental pleasure, since I'm never getting in that freezing water, like these brave surfers.

Brightly colored houses.

A misty drive back from the grocery store. 

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