Thursday, December 23, 2010

You're International

Dear Reader,
Thank you for reading my blog. As stated on the home page, this is my meager gift to you. I want to hear about you and what's capturing your attention. What would you like to read more of? Less of? You may post a comment on the blog site, or email me directly: artist(at) I look forward to hearing from you. Some people see the blog as a note on Facebook. You are invited to visit the site: FaceBook

You have joined an international readership. Someone in Guernsey has read this blog. I am humbled to admit, I knew nothing of Guernsey before.  Google Analytics tells me I have been read by people in fifty-five countries, including Iran, Nepal and Kenya. This blows me away. 

Only a handful of people in these countries visit my site, but connecting with you gives me great satisfaction. We  live far apart and may never meet in person, but we can share some thoughts instantly. We can be of value to each other. I like it.

I've said before that we're lucky to be living at this time. Blog communication reaches all around the world instantly. Nothing like this was possible only a few years ago. If I wanted a pen pal in Asia, the old message in a bottle was the state of the art.

Blogs remind me of printed publications like pamphlets. This form of communication was crucial during the 18th century. I wonder if the American Revolution could have happened without printing presses and pamphleteers like Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine. These authors didn't have to get journalism degrees; they just needed to know someone with a press and care enough to publish their ideas. 

Now, an average, insignificant person like me can type in San Francisco and be read in Qatar. This both excites and scares me, but I'm an optimist. Good things are happening, amid the fear. 

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