Sunday, July 17, 2011

O Canada

My wife Misa suggested a vacation in Canada this year. I'd never been there. All I knew of Canada were the songs of Stan Rogers, which I fell in love with in the 1980s. 

We spent a week in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. In general, Victoria was peaceful and clean, rather like the United States, only improved. Max and I walked out on a long concrete pier into the inlet. If you look closely you can see the snow-capped peaks of Washington State across the water. 

Away from Victoria, we visited small coastal towns that looked like Stan's Make and Break Harbour.

On a tour boat, our captain let Max steer, brave man. Pilots note: putting the tongue out always aids navigation.

Victoria hosts a museum called Miniature World, and many of the exhibits convince the eye. Each "person" in this photo is about 1.5 inches tall.

From Victoria, we drove onto a luxurious ferry to the city of Vancouver. Our ship served fine food and drink, and I wanted to live on it.

Vancouver is another elegant city, sheltered by high mountains.

My son Max does not care about mountains or buildings, only trains. Once again, Vancouver did not disappoint. The trains in the city were clean and quiet, a vision of the future. In my experience, only Tokyo competes in train quality. Below, Max expresses his most enthusiastic "train face." Daddy is sympathetic.

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