Friday, January 1, 2010

Max's Camera Work

Happy 2010 everyone. 

Max took a normal trip with Mommy to JapanTown this week. He took a camera with him, and brought back these photos. Max makes many art projects. At present, his drawing is no better than his class mates'. Probably his photographs are similar to other 5-year-olds' as well. I post them here because I like to see the world from his vantage point.

The view from the back seat. I told Max he's treated like a king now, being driven around town by a beautiful woman. Sadly, he's too young to appreciate it. I told him that life is all down hill from here.

At the grocery store, Max shot whatever looked good to him. About this photo, he said, "I like sugar." 

It's refreshing to see things from Max's lower eye-level, although he is gaining on me every day. If he stays interested in photography when he's a teenager, perhaps I'll receive aerial views.

You may recognize this Mommy face. It's the one Mommy makes while hearing, "Buy it, buy it, please!"

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